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Our Story

One Woodbury is a collaborative effort between the City of Woodbury, South Washington County Schools, Washington County, the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce, the Woodbury Community Foundation, the YMCA and several other community members. The goal is to create an inclusive event that celebrates the diversity that makes up Woodbury.

The idea for One Woodbury came about through community meetings. As part of the city's community engagement planning process, talks began about how to create a greater sense of belonging and connectedness. Washington County Community Development Agency Commissioner and Woodbury resident Temmy Olasimbo was part of that discussion and shared her experience creating “One Fest” in her career at Best Buy. The conversation evolved into a desire to bring that concept to Woodbury, where everyone could come together in one space to celebrate our diversity.

Simultaneously, the Woodbury Community Foundation and the YMCA brought together a group of community members to focus on racial equity. That group identified a goal to create more events that celebrate the different cultures in Woodbury. The idea of One Woodbury was shared to that group, and they embraced it. A subcommittee in this group, known as the Racial Equity Collaborative, identified that we would all work together, collaboratively on this effort.

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Our Comittment

The goal of this event is to be community-driven and supported by community partners. The One Woodbury partners are committed to fostering and supporting a diverse community where everyone feels like they belong. We are inspired by the community members who have stepped up to help us with this mission, and will continue to dedicate time and energy into creating a connected community.  

We welcome all ideas, perspectives, backgrounds and experiences!

Thank you to individuals on the One Woodbury Planning Committee for your time, talent and resources to make this event a success!

Temmy Olasimbo

One Woodbury Chair; Washington County CDA Commissioner; Nigerian Community Member

Christie Denson

Woodbury Racial Equity Collaborative; Woodbury Community Foundation; East Ridge Athletic Association; Woodbury Resident

Kevin Gilboe

Woodbury Community Foundation; Design Core Detroit

Michelle Clasen

Washington County Commissioner (District 5); Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce; Washco Mental Health Advisory Committee; Washco Parks and Open Spaces Committee; Local Public Health Board

Ross Chavez

Paramedic/Firefighter, City of Woodbury EMS Fire; Woodbury Resident; SoWashCo Parent

Paul Huffman

Woodbury Days Council

Natalie Bauer

Woodbury Police Sergeant 

Joy Coker

SoWashCo Parent; YMCA; Woodbury Community Academy

Noah Y.

Woodbury Community Foundation; Woodbury Parks & Natural Resources Commission; Ethiopian Community Member; Math and Science Academy Student

Ashley Acosta-Meyers

South Washington County Schools

Jodi Ritacca

Woodbury Cottage Grove League of Women Voters; Woodbury Thrives; Woodbury Resident

Teresa Moes

Woodbury YMCA

Gina Spoo

South Washington County Schools; Woodbury Resident

Cheryl Jogger

SoWashCo CARES Education Foundation; SoWashCo Community Education; Indian/Malayalee/Syro-Malabar Catholic Community Member

Megan Beck

City of Woodbury; SoWashCo Parent; Woodbury Resident

Simi Patnaik

Woodbury Thrives; South Washington County Schools; Indian Community Member; Woodbury Resident

Shelly Schafer

City of Woodbury; SoWashCo Parent; Woodbury Resident

Laurie Staiger

Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce; Woodbury YMCA

Roger Green

Woodbury Community Foundation; Washington County Community Development Agency

Carolyn Winslow

The Grove United Methodist Church; United Methodist Deaconess

Blane Huppert

Christ Episcopal Church

Mrs. O's Social Media Marketing Class

East Ridge High School

...And many more!

Let’s Work Together

Send us a note if you would like to get involved in our planning group, or if you would just like to share an idea! 

Thanks for submitting!

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